Spring Wholesale 2015


Welcome to 2015!

Here are the flavours we’re offering to cafes and stores for Spring 2015. All are available as loaves or traybakes; traybakes are £12 and all loaves are £10. We’ll be updating regularly, so keep checking back!

If you have any requests, please ask or email barefoodco@outlook.com.

New Flavours

Mocha (Chocolate cake with espresso drizzle and coffee buttercream)

Lemon, Thyme and Ginger (Lemon and thyme cake with ginger sugar syrup drizzle and thyme leaves – no icing)

Banana and Maple Upside Down Cake (Maple syrup and bananas atop a classic sponge) [Can come as a circular cake for £10]


Classic BareFood Bakes

Banana, Pecan and Chocolate Cake (Banana bread with pecans and dark chocolate, topped with crispy pecan)

Toffee Apple Cake (Traditional apple cake with a toffee sauce topping)

Gooey Brownies (Our best-selling squishy brownies) – please ask if you would like limited-edition flavours

Carrot and Coconut Cake (Traditional-style carrot cake made with coconut and walnuts with cream cheese topping)

Rose and Pistachio (Rosewater sponge with pistachio buttercream topping)

For further details email barefoodco@outlook.com or find us on Twitter and Facebook @BareFoodCo



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